7 Unusual Coverage Benefits That You Might Be Missing Out On

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Insurance is part of everyone’s lives. You insure your car, you get business insurance, and you probably have family health insurance too. But has your health insurance broker provided you with all available benefits and rewards? There are many health insurance companies out there offering many different benefits with their policies. On this page, you can read about some unusual and uncommon benefits you might be missing out on with your policy.


Let’s start with the most unusual one first. Some health insurers offer you big incentives like discounts and credits for travel related expenses, so you can go on vacation more easily. Going on vacation must be good for you! At any rate, if you’ve been feeling the wanderlust, you should ask your health insurance broker about vacation incentives.

Hot Tubs

Would you like to be relaxing in your brand-new spa after work? If you have pain issues, you could get your doctor to order you to soak in a hot tub for therapy. As a matter of fact, if you can get that in writing, your insurance may help cover the cost of a hot tub.


If you’re constantly suffering muscle pains and knots, you should see if your insurance policy covers the cost of a massage therapist. Many insurance providers cover massage therapists with a doctor’s prescription.

Weight Loss Counseling

If you went through the ACA or Covered California for your insurance, you might be eligible to see a weight loss counselor. Additionally, many employer’s health coverage plans offer discounts on gym memberships to help you stay in shape.

Medical Equipment

While your insurance covers your trip to the hospital when you have an injury, accordingly, you may also be able to get your insurance to cover the equipment you need afterward. If your health insurance broker sets you up with a policy that includes “Durable Medical Equipment”, you can get quality equipment through insurance. Durable medical equipment not only covers wheelchairs and crutches, but it will also cover a portion or all of the cost of a many other medical devices. Additionally, this policy section lets nursing moms purchase breast pumps at a steep discount – a potential savings of hundreds of dollars.

Lasik Eye Surgery

If you wear glasses, and you’re tired of them, you should talk to your health insurance broker. Depending on your insurance provider, you could be covered for all or part of the cost of laser eye surgery. Say goodbye to those frames, and hello to perfect eyesight.

Nurse Lines Available 24/7

Many insurance providers now offer 24-hour nurse lines. Ask your health insurance broker, or visit your health insurance provider’s website, to find your toll-free number. This is great for when your baby is sick at 2:00 A.M. Likewise, if you’ve got an unbeatable migraine, they’ve got answers for you too. Your nurse line is a valuable tool in your healthcare arsenal.


These unusual coverage options are some of the best-kept secrets in healthcare. If you’d like assistance navigating the sometimes confusing waters of healthcare, Harmony Health Insurance is here to help. Call (310) 913-5696, or visit our contact page to get the answers you’re looking for.

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