What is Covered California?

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Many Californians have given up on obtaining insurance over the last few years. This is obviously not a great decision. The reasons are obvious. First, you can get seriously ill without warning. This can ruin you and overwhelm you financially. It’s a shame to deprive yourself of an insurance company that would take care of it for you. But that’s … Read More

65 is the New 55! What You Need to Know About Medicare

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By Susan Fujimoto, Authorized Agent Turning 65 is the new 55, but, transitioning to Medicare can be quite daunting.  Don’t worry, we can help you seamlessly transition to Medicare! The first step in transitioning to Medicare is enrolling in Medicare Part A & B. You can start enrollment as early as 3 months before the month of your birthday which in your … Read More

Extreme Adventures in Los Angeles You’ll Want Health Insurance for!

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Is an ordinary game of baseball or golf not enough for you? Are you are a thrill-seeking adventurer that is up for fast, adrenaline-pumping thrills? Well, assuming you have your health insurance in order, extreme outdoor adventures are not hard to come by in L.A. There are plenty of extreme sports on the land, sea, and air. So for all you … Read More

Your Easy-to-Read Guide to the Basics of Medicare Coverage

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  Back in the mid-1960s, the medical care costs for a typical American family were spiraling out of control. Over half of seniors aged 65 or older had difficulties paying for their medical expenses. Many seniors found that they simply could not afford medical insurance coverage from their health insurance agencies. This is because most medical insurance coverage for senior Americans … Read More