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Travel Insurance From Harmony Health Insurance

Travel insurance is growing in popularity. It’s hard to set aside enough time and money to travel and relax. If something comes up to spoil your time off, it’s important to have a way to recover from your loss.

Travel insurance isn’t just about missing a vacation. When you’re away from home and disaster strikes, you want to make sure that you’re able to handle every eventuality.

There are many types of travel insurance. Here is some handy information to make it easier to select the right travel insurance.

What’s Covered?

The great thing about travel insurance is how easy it is to pay for only the coverage you really need. If you’re planning an around-the-world trip, you need more insurance than you would for a weekend getaway. Here are the most common types of coverage.


For the average traveler, this is the most important type of travel insurance. When you plan a vacation, you might have dozens of different bills for things like transportation, hotels, airfare, meals, tours, and other costs. For most trips, the best rates are reserved for travelers who book early and pay upfront. If your expenses are non-refundable, a cancelled vacation can be a financial calamity. Even if all you lose is a deposit, it still might be a big enough loss to keep you from rescheduling. Travel insurance is great for avoiding losses due to trip cancellations.

Different policies cover different reasons for trip cancellations. Common reasons are:

  • Sickness or serious injury
  • Jury duty
  • Death in the family
  • Job loss
  • Extreme weather at your destination
  • Terrorist attacks

Ask your health insurance broker for more information about what each plan covers.

Trip Interruption

Trip interruption coverage is similar to cancellation insurance. If your trip gets interrupted partway through, travel insurance will reimburse you for a portion of the total cost. Some policies will also reimburse you for emergency expenses you incur to get back home safely.

Medical Emergencies

If you get sick and can’t go on your trip, cancellation insurance will cover your loss. If you get sick while you’re on vacation, you need more than just a refund.

Your health insurance might not help you when you’re traveling in a faraway state, or in another country. Medical expense coverage is a great way to make sure that you get the medical care you need wherever you go. That can include cruise ships as well as foreign countries.

Emergency Evacuation

If you need to come home due to a medical emergency or a severe accident, an emergency evacuation rider is for you. It reimburses you for the cost to bring you home immediately to receive the care you need. That can include costs like ambulance rides to and from airports, and having medical staff on board a plane with you.

Lost Baggage

Lost or delayed baggage can put a crimp in your travel plans. Baggage delay coverage can help pay for things like toiletries and changes of clothes if your baggage goes missing. It can also reimburse you for the value of your belongings if your bags get stolen. It can even reimburse you for the cost to replace the suitcases.

Travel Assistance Is Important

Some travel insurance policies include 24/7 travel assistance. If you need help in a foreign country, they’ll be able to find the nearest hospital, or get your prescriptions replaced if they go missing. They can also assist with lost passports, and even supply you with an interpreter in an emergency.

Talk to an Expert

Because travel insurance is so versatile, it can be hard to decide which policy suits your travel needs to a tee. Contact Harmony Health Insurance Services to find out more about this important insurance product. They’ll be glad to find the perfect plan for your destination, and your wallet.